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Ute Louise Bartol ...
The Journal's Creator


Ute  Louise Bartol contributes her photographic eye to a horrific, near-death accident in 2011, after which a myriad of questions and AH-HA moments came to her. "Why am I still here?" "Is there a reason, purpose or lesson here?"


Delving into the world of self-help, spiritual and psychological healing, Ute Louise had the honour of learning from and photographing many notable teachers and speakers. Louise Hay,  Wayne Dwyer, Gabrielle Bernstein , Colette Baron-Reid, Robert Holden to name a few. Some of her pictures were taken at such beautiful places as Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa and the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Massachusetts. Others came from exciting places around the world and from the very woods, beaches and grasslands we call our own backyards.


Studying meditation, yoga, mindfulness and gratitude therapeutically, Ute Louise has spent much of her time moving towards the integration of these modalities into the educational system and workplace. Assisting recovering teens at Quest Collegiate & Recovery Centres in Ontario, Canada, her work with The Mindful Gratitude Journal showed astoundingly positive results bringing about the inception of this publication.


Strong scientific research reveals that daily gratitude journaling makes you happier, less anxiety and depression, strengthens social relationships, more self-disciplined, more resilient, better able to relax, better sleep and less stress.  This brings about a shift in consciousness from what is lacking in your life to all the abundance and good that surrounds you.


The Mindful Gratitude Journal is a thought-provoking, inspirational and fun place to record the many blessings in your life.


Why the Journal Works


Try it for Yourself ...

According to Dr. Robert A. Emmons (, "Gratitude is one of the strongest links to mental health and satisfaction with life of any personality trait. Grateful people experience higher levels of positive emotions such as joy, enthusiasm, love, happiness and optimism. It protects us from destructive impulses of envy, resentment, greed and bitterness. People who experience gratitude can cope more effectively with everyday stress, show increased resilience in the face of trauma, reduced depression, recover more quickly from illness and enjoy more robust physical health."


Have you ever paused and noticed how you feel when you are thankful for someone or something? Do you realize that when you're present in gratitude, you feel more alive, more connected and more aware? Something within you changes. Research shows that adopting habits of gratitude to oneself and others, lead to greater optimism and less stress. Being grateful turns our attention to what we do have instead of what we don't. Focusing and being grateful for what is going well in our lives, reminds you of how blessed we truly are.


Research has also shown that translating thoughts into concrete language on paper has advantages over just thinking the thoughts or saying them. We think much faster than we can write. So, when you put your thoughts into words on paper, the thinking process is slowed down. It makes the thoughts more real, more concrete and helps us to elaborate and feel the good feelings once again.


Thus, the simple, but powerful practice of Mindful Gratitude Journaling will lift your spirits, making you happier, experience less stress, exercise more, more self-disciplined, more able to achieve your goals, more resilient, and best of all, gratitude helps free us from emotional pain! Studies have shown that people who write in a gratitude journal are 25% happier!


The Mindful Gratitude Journal, with its many beautiful images, carefully chosen inspirational quotes and delightful colouring pages will enhance your practice as you commit to just minutes a day and start seeing the amazing and lasting results.


Gratitude is a divine quality that connects us to our hearts and awakens our sense of true abundance. We cannot simultaneously focus on what is missing or wrong in our lives when our attention is on Gratitude.


So ... Ask yourself now.  What am I grateful for?


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