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Experience the Benefits of Mindful Gratitude!


The Mindful Gratitude Journal


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Learn about the research and studies behind The Mindful Gratitude Journal ....  This is a proven method in achieving a greater sense of well being and life satisfaction ... Commit to just minutes a day to start seeing amazing and lasting results ...

"A safe retreat for looking on the bright side, finding peace, optimism and happiness"

$19.95 Cdn+HST  size 6 " X 8 1/2 " / 15 cm X 21 1/2 cm

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What are You Grateful For?
This book arose from my personal search and healing journey out of the deep trauma in my own life.  A long, difficult journey it was! Depression, betrayal, eating disorder, medication, anxiety, abuse and despair. From that place, we all begin asking life's most burning and difficult questions: how to feel good again, how to achieve joy again. Then to the profound; how to achieve inner peace, forgiveness and more abundance in our lives! Difficult journey, yes, but amazing and full of an abundant array of lessons and learning that brought me to this wonderful place - the present.  And out of this journey, this book was born.

Included in this journal are powerful tools I found helped immensely on my own journey.  Not only did they work for me, but they have also worked for many folks I have shown this practice to, from men and women wanting to experience more peace and joy to recovering teens finding their way back from the horrors of abuse, drugs and depression. The great part of this practice is that it is simple and easy and most importantly there is solid science to support it.


Whether you are in the darkest place in your heart trying desperately to find that infinitesimal ray of light and hope or you are feeling "pretty good most days" wanting a greater sense of well being and life satisfaction, this Mindful Gratitude Journal is for you. It is my hope that with a small daily time investment, you, too, will experience the many benefits and begin changing yours and others' lives, one gratitude at a time!


Ute Louise Bartol

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