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"Experience Mindfulness through Gratitude"

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What is Mindful Gratitude?
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Learn about the research behind The Mindful Gratitude Journal. Psychological, physiological & theological studies show this ancient practice (now mainstream) as a proven method in achieving a greater sense of well being and life satisfaction.

Join the thousands of folks already enjoying the benefits of this practice ... Commit to just minutes a day to start seeing amazing and lasting results ...


Why Does the Journal Work? ... How Can it Help You?

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Check out the Latest Updates, Events, and Articles on Mindfulness, Gratitude, and the science behind it.


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See how this practice enhances your life. Check out the science. Learn what researchers are saying. Enjoy the beautiful pictures. Savour the inspirational quotes. Have fun with the colouring pages. Study the 10 easy steps on How to Commit to Your Gratitude Practice.


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 The Mindful Gratitude Journal 

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